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About SUP Asia

About SUP Asia

Stand up paddleboarding, SUP, is among the fastest growing water sports in the world. Our tours in Cambodia provide up close and personal adventures on the country’s many waterways and beautiful sea. Paddle with the Irrawaddy Dolphins on the Mekong, through mangrove forests to pagodas, out to islands or through floating villages.

We are based near the charming riverside town of Kampot. Our island location on the Kampot River offers SUP access to fishing villages, pagodas, mangroves, and more. We teach SUP lessons, SUP yoga, and SUP fitness. We also have SUPS and kayaks for hire. We offer customised group travel experiences and retreat opportunities as well.

Our eco-adventures aim to offer visitors to Cambodia an authentic cultural experience with low impact on the environment while supporting local economy. A portion of our proceeds go to providing environmental education and recreational therapy to Cambodian youth through paddleboarding.

Discover the quiet corners and hidden palm groves of the magical Kampot River. This 2.5 hour session combines a lesson and tour with sightseeing and swimming.

What to bring: Comfortable swimwear and a hat offering protection from the sun are recommended. We prefer that our customers do not wear bikinis as we live in a culturally sensitive area and want to be greeted with smiles by the locals. Tank tops and shorts are fine however. Please bring your own sunscreen and a reusable water bottle to help reduce plastic waste. Lifejackets and waterproof camera cases are available.

Our location: SUP Asia is located 4.5 k from the town of Kampot. From town follow the river up (to the right) and stay on the same side of the river as…

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